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Chapter 31: Bliss

Good morning readers! Well, it's actually night time whilst I'm writing this and gawd knows what time it'll be when I publish, but still- good morro!

We begin this chapter with a little bit o'housekeeping as the Heart home gets decluttered. As you well know there are eight kiddies in Gen Nine, and of those nine- four of them still live at home, and three of said four also live with their significant others. As you can imagine this is a bit much, so some must fack off.

First to get out and get on with life was Fox Heart, who moved out with her boyfriend Gavin Valentine.

And not long after it was time for Chase to also take the plunge. Originally I did plan for him and girlfriend Robyn Moore to hang around for a while, but unfortunately she turned out to be the glitchiest son of a bitch ever and I just had to get rid.

I couldn't even get her to give us a goodbye wave- she was too busy spazzing.

Chase did give us a sexy goodbye though. Mmm.... I shall miss him.

So, with the house now down to it's finest parts it was time to concentrate on the remaining children of generation nine- Blue and Bailey.

When it came to Blue originally I wasn't quite sure what career would suit her. As lovely as she is Blue has no discernible skills or talents so I was clueless about what job to shove her in. In the end though she ended up in Law Enforcement. You know, the boys in blue. HA!

In contrast, when it came to Bailey I knew exactly what profession she was destined for- teaching.

I do wish it came with a better outfit though.

And, though Blue and Bailey were the two remaining Hearts in the household (excusing oldie Addison) there was one more Simmie to get into work- Bailey's long-term boyfriend Elliot. Luckily he had a career/LTW all mapped out, and he went easily into the Medical profession.

Now that all young and hip Hearts were settled in their careers most days were understandably dedicated to work, but that's not to say there was no time for play- particularly when it came to Bailey and Eli...

They're such a couple of lust bunnies. I've never had two Sims so into each other as this pair; constantly wishing to fool around together (and getting what they want of course, because I'm nice).

Their particular favourite haunt was the hot tub, where they spent most nights.

I'm definitely looking into getting it sterilized...

But whilst Bailey and Eli were awash with the rush of romance, Blue wasn't quite so fortunate. She'd been in love with the same woman since she was a teenager and as yet she'd found no way to tell her how she felt; she could barely even manage more than a 'hello' on occasion.

With no significant other to occupy her naturally Blue had a lot of time on her hands, which was unfortunate as she didn't really have any hobbies. Every so often though she would roll a wish to get a tattoo which at least kept her amused for a while.

And regular visits to the salon also gave her a chance to stalk her best beloved...

After a couple of visits Blue eventually managed to instigate a bit of a chat with the much lusted-after Vienna, and- slowly but surely- as days turned to weeks a friendship began to form.

As always though, Blue's true intentions remained hidden.

You know with so many kiddies this generation I thought it only fair that we have a house partay every so often so they can all keep in touch. That was the plan anyways, but with glitchy Simbot son-of-a-gun's like Thorn and Rain around even the most simple of social occasions can become a nightmare.

In this event I'd invited the whole family plus significant others round for a good time, but they could barely fricking move. Hmph!

Blue in particular was very hacked off by the whole situation.

Well, that was until Vienna showed up and brightened her day.

In the end I got sick of the spazzyness and sent most of the guests home, leaving me time to focus on Blue and her wanton pursuit of Vienna. As the evening drew in the duo settled down in front of the fire pit for a cozy chat.

Meanwhile, not too far away Bailey and Eli were, well, you know what they're like.

Poor Blue. It must be hard trying to seduce someone when your older sister is doing the do just left of your eyeline...

After Bailey and Eli were finished I rushed them off to their bedroom so Blue and Vienna could have some privacy, but unfortunately it looked like time might be running out as Vienna got up to leave.

Immediately Blue rose and took steps to stop Vienna, asking her to stay- just for a few minutes longer- so that she could say her piece.

Then, with Vienna's attention firmly in grasp, Blue took all courage and did what needed to be done.

...And was firmly shut down.

Vienna left quickly after that. With such an awkward tension now in the air there really wasn't much left to be said, and so Blue was left alone. Always and forever.

The next morning Blue rose slowly from bed, the memories of last night flitting across her mind and forming a dark cloud over the new day.

For most people the resultant mood would have been one of sadness, but for Blue the only feelings that surfaced were those of anger and frustration, almost certainly twinned with a good dose of 'Why Me?'

Blue's foul mood continued for the next few days and I instead turned my focus back to Bailey and Elliot. With so much crap often going on in my Sims' life it's always nice to see something altogether happier- and nothing is more fun to watch than these two.

Ah, but it's not fun for everyone...

I think I made one fatal flaw when I designed this house. On the first floor where all the bedrooms are there's a long balcony joining them all, and Sims (being as unaccustomed to social courtesy as they are) have a tendency to barge through whatever door is nearest. Addison in particular is prone to bursting in at the most inopportune moments, leading to calamitous moments such as this.

Yeah, bet you wish you'd knocked now you dumb bitch.

This actually isn't the first time Addi's walked in on Bailey and Eli getting down to it, but sadly it was destined to be the last...

Hmm. I guess the shock must have done her in.

Mm, pixel buns...

Oh what a way to go- taken by a heart attack brought on by the shock of seeing your daughter and her boyfriend in the buff. This'll be a story for our Grimmeh to tell at the weekly meetings.

Ah, you gotta give it to Addi- she certainly does everything with class. Goodbye Addison Heart- we shall miss you!

Addison's passing may have been real fucking amusing- to me at least- but for Bailey and Elliot it was a devastating turn of events. After all, there's nothing like death to kill your hard on.

Elsewhere in Bridgeport Blue was equally distressed by what had happened. After getting out of work she'd been told the terrible news, and she expressed her anguish in her own special way.

Addison had been so very loved by her kids, so it wasn't surprising that few of them knew what to do with themselves now she was gone. Blue couldn't face going home, not yet anyway, so instead she wandered the streets for a while before ending up at a place she'd never intended to go again- the salon where Vienna worked.

More than anything all Blue wanted was to go inside, find Vienna, and be welcomed into a comforting hug, but she knew she couldn't- she knew that it was nothing more than a wishful fantasy.

The reality of the situation was much harsher than the dream, but it was the truth, and that was the best Blue could hope for.

With not even a glance back at the salon, Blue left.

Later that night, still unable to face returning home, Blue instead wandered the darkened streets of Bridgeport looking for solitude. It wasn't easy in a bustling city such as this, but eventually Blue found some place she could be alone.

Of course, when she finally had the moments to herself that she'd wanted, Blue suddenly found that maybe isolation wasn't really the best thing for her after all, because it only left her with time to reflect and that was never a good thing.

But maybe she didn't have to worry- maybe she wouldn't be alone much longer...

Awash in thought, Blue didn't even notice Vienna slip silently out of the shadows, and only realised there was someone else there when her body shivered with the realisation that she was being watched. Like a victim in a horror movie, Blue couldn't even turn to see the presence she felt, particularly when she realised it was Vienna standing there.

With eyes still firmly fixed ahead Blue barely breathed as Vienna walked over and sat down next to her. She would have said something- anything- if only she could think of the words.

But there weren't any. Whenever Blue glanced in Vienna's direction she could only remember the humiliation she felt at being rejected, and that had a tendency to render even the most forthcoming person dumbstruck.

But, fortunately for Blue, the ever-confident Vienna seemed happy to take the conversational lead on this occasion as she offered to comfort the obviously-distressed Blue.

It started simply enough with a well-meaning hug, and then it became something much more...

At last.

When Blue returned home the next morning she wasn't alone. After staying up most of the night talking with Vienna the two had watched the sun rise, and then had decided to join Bailey and Eli for breakfast.

The rest of the day was spent in total bliss with every member of the household happy for once. Yay!

Blue and Vienna had a stellar game of Sim Gnubb (at least I think that's what it's called) whilst Bailey and Eli frolicked in the sprinkler.

But of course the lusty duo just couldn't spend more than a few minutes together without having to stop what they were doing so they could embrace a little.

Only, on this occasion, Elliot had something a little more serious than foreplay in mind....

Ah, you know the drill by now.

I don't think anyone will be surprised that Bailey said yes. Thrilled though!

That night to celebrate the engagement Bailey, Eli, and Blue headed to Funky Town to celebrate. Vienna was invited too but she bailed for some reason. Pain in the arse Sims. Still, I guess she didn't miss much if the bored look on Bailey's face is anything to go by.

Still, they all had a marvellous time in the end.

And Bailey and Eli had an even more marvellous time when they returned home that night, as you would expect.

A few days later, and wanting to waste no time, Bailey and Eli gathered their loved ones as they took to the beach to get married.

It was a beautiful way to say I Do- the setting sun in the background providing a gorgeous backdrop to Bailey and Eli's big day.

And, as Bailey and Eli prepared to say their vows, it seemed they were destined for the perfect wedding.

Well, almost. Midway through the ceremony the group's attention was rudely pulled away from the happy couple as Robyn began to huff and puff- complaining of stomach pains. Cheeky attention-grabbing bitch!

I was a bit narked but Eli, being the caring doctor that he is, promptly stopped the ceremony so he could tend to his sick sister.

Understandably Bailey wasn't all that impressed.

Poor dear.

Nevermind eh! Eli fixed Robyn's woes soon enough, though she did fucking moan about the treatment a bit.

Later that night, with all annoying relatives dutifully cared for (or resetsim'd out of view) Bailey and Eli were finally able to say their vows in peace.


After the wedding part of the, erm, wedding was over Bailey and Eli, I mean, Mr and Mrs Heart settled down for the evening in a nice hot tub I'd kindly shoved onto the lot for them.

Yes, they are nekked and yes, most of the other guests are still nearby.

Yes, Bailey and Eli are my most inappropriate yet lovable couple ever.

Eh, we have to forgive them this act of indecency- it is their wedding night after all.

You can find the storyboard version here if you'd like to rec.


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