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Chapter 36: Sympathy for the Devil

Waking up in a dark and dingy room, not knowing where you are and how you got there- we've all done it right?

Of course we haven't all just been kidnapped by the crazy man who set the fire that killed your lover- a man who likes to watch his victims suffer whilst eating cereal in his underpants...

Sucks to be you Milton.

That night Angel slept surprisingly soundly for someone who's got a randomer locked up in his basement. Indeed, I can imagine kidnap and murder might prove to be quite relaxing (you know, once you've successfully evaded the police and invested in a good carpet cleaner to rid you of blood stains).

But unfortunately for Milton his rest was less than restful. For the entire night he paced the walls of his cell howling at his sorry predicament, all the while knowing there was simply no way out.

Angel stayed in the house for a long time with just his venom and his victim for company, but eventually- eager to leave his troubles (and moany captives) behind- he headed out to the nearby Heart-Marquis house to visit his cousins.

And there, for once, Angel achieved some sort of peace. His life hadn't been easy recently what with the cheating fiancee and all, and sure I bet murder helps a bit but it's never going to exercise all your demons. All throughout his life Angel had never really felt loved- not really- but now, with Aphrodite and Parvati, he at least felt appreciated in some way. It was nice to have friends.

Angel stayed out for most of the day and night but eventually he had to come home. And there, waiting in the basement, was Milton- looking oddly calm.

Well, for about five minutes anyways. The next moment was when he hit that wall and the hunger spilled over and turned into death.

Wow. I think that nonchallant shrug says it all.

After days of starvation I think the end was probably a welcome eventuality for Milton. In the dark confines of the basement there was no hope so now- with death's shadowy shimmer descending- at least there was light at the end of the tunnel, even if that light was a shiny scythe.

I wish I could fill you in more on Milton's final moments and stuffs but unfortunately at this point I got a tad distracted. I was zooming out to try and find out where Grim had flounced off to (he does that you know) and I ended up in the sky and then a fucking pigeon thing flew into shot and scared the crap out of me. I didn't know they did that! I've only ever seen the feathery fuckers chilling at the town hall before.

Alright Angel, it's rude to laugh...

Anyways. Another brand new day in the Heart household sees Angel starting the morning with what looks like orange ice cream???

Hmm, suspect desserts aside Angel's day was off to a good start. Having put cheating ex Tallulah and slimy butler Milton behind him by, well, terminating their lives it was time for a fresh start, and of course in The Sims that can only mean one thing- a shiny new makeover.

Well, that was the plan anyways, but unfortunately my grand design was ruined by the fact that the stylist was none other than Angel's sister Aurora- Queen Bitch of the World.

Angel and Aurora aren't exactly BFFs. All throughout his young life Angel had been bullied and harassed by his older sister, and even now she was as unpleasant as ever.

On this occasion it didn't take long for the conflict to descend into fisticuffs.

And Angel took the usual way out...

Aurora probably thought she'd won as always. Angel had ran off like he always did, but what she didn't know was that he hadn't gone far. Sick of always being a loser when it came to his sister he decided that this time he wouldn't just back down. And so, later that night Angel found himself waiting outside the salon- biding his time...

He shadowed her that night, following along faithfully as she made her way home until she arrived at her front door.

And then... Nothing. Hours passed as Angel lingered outside the house, watching as Aurora went about her business before eventually taking a place in front of the television.

Only when she was completely settled did he make his move...

One scream, and it was over.

The following morning Angel made a rare visit home to see his family. It was selfish rather than social- less about love and friendship and more about the desire to find out if anyone knew about Aurora yet, and more importantly if they knew what he'd done.

And of course Bailey told Angel the latest- the horrible news that Aurora had been brutally murdered last night and sadly the police had no leads. I guess one man's sadness is another man's sickness, for this information only served to brighten Angel's day as he realised he was in the clear. But then Bailey told him something else.

Aurora had a son.

He'd had no idea. Since moving out Angel hadn't kept in close contact with his family and so was out of the loop when it came to significant events, but yes- Aurora had been a mother, and now her son was all alone.

Angel couldn't help but cry at that.

Watching her son break down in front of her was oddly comforting to Bailey. She'd known that Aurora and Angel were never close so to see him so upset over her death really showed how much he cared deep down.

If only she knew the truth of Angel's torment.

It was shortly after that moment when Angel asked to see the boy. The realisation that he'd done something horrific was so much clearer when you put a human face on it, and Angel couldn't look away- he had to see the carnage he'd caused in the flesh. And so he went to see Aurora's son- Osiris- who was sitting quietly in the living room with Afia.

With his mother now dead and his father absent Osiris had come to live with Bailey and Afia, but Angel knew it wasn't ideal. Bailey was getting to the end of her life and Afia was just beginning hers, and it was more likely that Osiris would end up in care than anywhere else. And so- with unbearable guilt pressing down upon him- Angel offered to do something kind. He offered the boy a place to live.

And Osiris gratefully accepted.

The gesture had been sweet and oh-so-necessary, but with every good intention comes the reality that things might just be a little harder than first thought to achieve. Angel had no idea how to be a father- his own had not taught him well in that respect- and so for the first few days of living together Osiris and Angel lived a sort of awkward existence.

In time though it became easier. The two found they had things in common- more than expected- and this enabled them to begin to form a bond.

Eventually Osiris and Angel even became friends.

For the first time in a long while it seemed like things were looking up for Angel. Since taking on Osiris all his family members thought Angel was some sort of a saint, and each time they came over to offer support he seemed more and more relaxed and charming- successfully repressing the murderer within.

Most crucially for Angel, as well as forming stronger bonds with his family in general he really hit it off with one person in particular- his cousin Aphrodite.

Aphrodite had always been particularly kind to Angel. Though she'd never liked his girlfriend Tallulah she was there to comfort Angel when he'd been dumped. Since Osiris had moved in she was forever coming round to visit, and as time went on she even joined the two on evenings out.

Angel had never had many friends in life. The boy was forever lonely it seemed- destined to have everyone leave him, but with Aphrodite it really seemed like he was making a change in his life; he was choosing to give his time to someone who could never hurt him like everyone else had done.

At last he had a real friend; a true friend who would always be there for him, and considering this was something Angel wasn't used to it was no shock when the fondness that he felt for Aphrodite developed into something more. What happened next was no surprise.

He fell in love.

With visions of Aphrodite twirling around his head it became hard for Angel to concentrate, but he managed to put her aside for just long enough to help Osiris celebrate his birthday.

After a rough start in life- something Angel could certainly relate to- it was a miracle that Osiris had made it to his teen years without serious emotional damage. The only question that remained now was whether he would turn out to be a looker too.

Aww, he's quite sweet I think.

As Osiris set off into his teen years his life consisted of much the same things as other people his age- mainly a lot of school, some friends, and the occasional shimmy at Funky Town.

But running through it all was something else too- the love and support of Angel who, despite his numerous problems, had managed to keep it together long enough to provide Osiris with anything he needed.

And of course Osiris had Aphrodite as well. Aphrodite had been a part of Osiris' life since he was a child and even now they remained close.

But not as close and Angel and Aphrodite were. BFFs for sure, the two As spent most days together just enjoying each other's company; quiet occasions only soundtracked by the voices that whirled round Angel's head daring him to make his move.

Angel loved Aphrodite completely; deeply. She offered him something no one else could- a transparent affinity with no strings attached, the kind of unconditional love one tends to have for a family member- and therein lay future problems.

Aphrodite and Angel were cousins. This was something Angel didn't think about- he didn't think it mattered- but to most it would, and to Aphrodite it did. She saw him simply as her best friend, and she had no idea he wanted so much more.

She certainly had no idea just how close he was getting to telling her the truth, and what it would mean for their friendship.

A few days later it was time. As another evening drew in Angel called Aphrodite and invited her over for dinner. With Osiris out with friends it was the perfect opportunity for Angel to come clean, and of course he had to dress to impress.

That night, so preoccupied with impressing Aphrodite as he was- Angel even went to the trouble of cooking her dinner.

It was something he'd never been particularly good at- as shown when he burnt the goopy carbonara. Aphrodite ate it anyway though. She was always the most courteous guest.

And then, after dinner, the two friends settled down together in front of the TV.

With the cosy fireplace crackling behind them the scene was set, and when Angel reached out an arm to put around Aphrodite she didn't resist.

Settling into the embrace of her buddy Aphrodite felt as calm and relaxed as she always did in his company.

They were friends after all- what's an innocent hug between friends?

But then she saw it- the look in Angel's eyes; the true intention of it all.

That's when he leaned in for the kiss.

That's when Aphrodite said no.

She could have stayed I guess- she could have sat down with him and explained it all, but it seemed so obvious anyway. They were related for god's sake- maybe not that closely but closely enough, and Aphrodite wanted nothing more from Angel than his companionship.

Getting up from the sofa quickly Aphrodite turned and began to make her way out of the house. She whispered that she was sorry and that she would call him, and Angel sobbed.

And then it shifted. The pain, oh it was so familiar. It felt just like the betrayal of before, only this time it was so much worse and it hurt so much more because it was Aphrodite not just some trashy bint. But as well as that- as well as the pain- there was that other thing... The darkest side of Angel that only the soon-to-be-deceased got to see.

The furious anger- thick and bitter like acid. The thing that lay deep down inside him. It was rushing to the surface once again...

You can find the storyboard version here if you'd like to rec.


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